The Flagship Learning Trust

Meet The Team


The Flagship Learning Trust (FLT) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and as such it does not have shareholders. Instead it has Members whose role is to ensure that the educational objectives, vision and ethos of the Trust, as defined in the company Articles of Association, are upheld by the directors.



Neil Evans

Neil has over 30 years experience in the finance sector and has direct responsibility for challenging and supporting the financial and business performance of the trust.




James Cornock

James has a comprehensive understanding of all areas relating to PFI contract, asset management, contract management and commercial management.

James will have responsibility for finance, H.R. and leadership.



Steve Knight

As a Senior Financial Risk Partner, Steve has significant experiences with Financial Management, HR, Resources and Leadership which are hugely beneficial to the trust.

As a previous Army Officer, Steve understands the importance of clear aims, respect and teamwork.





Allan Grafton M.B.E

Allan is a key figure in the community of East Manchester, Chairman of the Police Advisory Group and Gorton Events… to name just a few.

Alan’s background has provided him with the expertise and skills in project management, problem solving and leadership.




Robin Lansley

Robin has spent his career in the financial advisory service.

Founding a company which advises on over £1.5 billion of residential lending and over £200 million of client funds.

Robin has significant experience in the financial sector.  His extensive experience in business and management will provide support to the Trust in these areas.






Neville Beischer C.E.O.

Neville dedicated his career to the development of students in East Manchester as Headteacher of Wright Robinson College for over 28 years. He is the driving force that has made WRC the Outstanding school it is today.

Neville’s significant experience in all aspects of management and school life will allow him to be an effective CEO for the Trust.





Andrew Chicken

As a very experienced Headteacher and inspector, Andrew has valuable and current experience of achieving high attainment levels for students, the input necessary to reach Ofsted outstanding.

He also understands the challenge and capacity needed to support underperforming schools.






Chris Bicknell

Chris has significant experience in school Facilities Management in order to guarantee that the physical and infrastructure needs of the trust schools are met.

He has the ability to plan the development of school facilities to ensure the physical environment fully meets and supports the curriculum.





Joe Larrigan

Joe has a significant amount of experience leading committees to enable them to meet their aims. Joe has undertaken a number of operational roles with Manchester City Council and currently with the Royal British Legion.

Joe will support the role of advising the Trust on HR, staffing, managing health & safety and appraisal processes.

Joe will also be an advocate for the promotion of British Values in the trust.






Alan Smith

Alan has over 30 years general management experience working for large corporate businesses, specifically relating to marketing, business development and identifying growth opportunities.

Due to Alan’s extensive experience, he will be a significant asset to support the growth and expansion of the Trust.






Martin Haworth
Martin Haworth is the Headteacher of Wright Robinson College, the founding school of the Flagship Learning Trust.

Martin has an extensive career with Wright Robinson and is fully versed and supportive of the Aim, Values and Vision for the Trust.

Martin’s support and advice to the Trust Board will be invaluable, in particular in relation to ensuring the Trust’s pupils are receiving a broad and balanced curriculum, an outstanding learning environment and they are safeguarded and protected.




Dr Veluathan (Appu) Rudralingam 

Dr Appu Rudralingam has significant experience not only as a clinician, but additionally in the educational arm of the Health Service as both a supervisor and lecturer.  

Dr Rudralingam is a significant asset to the Trust in order to provide support across all areas and with particular knowledge in the areas of health, wellbeing, education and management.