The Flagship Learning Trust

About the Flagship Learning Trust (FLT)


The Trust chose to identify as ‘Flagship’ as it was founded in Wright Robinson College, which is not only identified as a flagship PFI school building but the college itself is committed to leading the way in education. It was one of the first schools in the country to retain and Outstanding Ofsted grading under the new framework.


Social mobility, self-belief and teamwork are key elements of the Trust’s ethos and purpose. We believe that it is not the academic ability which separates us in life but our character; therefore we work hard through teamwork to develop the following qualities in our students:


Our schools may always be judged by the results they achieve, however we believe that they are defined by their ethos and culture.


Neville Beischer

Chief Executive Officer



Self-belief  Self esteem

Self determination  Self-discipline

Self-expression  Self-respect